Janani Mohan

British Media Bias Isn’t Surprising – a perspective from the U.S.

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently announced that they would no longer work with the British tabloids because of their belief that the journalists write “distorted” news, many were surprised at their critical language. Although that description is strongly-worded, the truth behind it can hardly be denied. After all, the very next day the Daily Mail, one of their banned tabloids, accused the Sussexes of “breathtakingly haughty arrogance” for “banning four British newspapers from their lives.”

Terms like “media bias” and “liberal media” are all too common here in the U.S. Our news is divided into the left-leaning media like CNN and MSNBC, and the right-leaning media like Fox News and Breitbart. This media bias stems from a mix of support bases, current owners, and politicization. For example, MSNBC tends to have a Democratic viewership, the founder of Fox News (Rupert Murdoch) favours Republican candidates, and President Trump calling CNN “fake news” expectedly added fuel to any liberal fires already burning in their newsroom.

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